There are important new taxicab companies in Lakewood, Colorado, and also in nearby Evergreen.

The Kunigamiya Travel Guide has for the past few weeks on this blog been doing a series of articles on the beautiful state of Colorado, and today we would like to feature two new companies in that state, who have a connection to each other. They are Lakewood Taxi Services and Evergreen Taxi Services.

Lakewood is a major suburb of Denver, and Evergreen is a charming village up in the mountains about fifteen minutes outside of Lakewood. And it’s important for you to know about taxi companies in these two places, because if you are a visitor from out-of-state, and are not driving a rental car, taxi companies are basically the only way you can get around.

Both Lakewood Taxi Services and Evergreen Taxi Services are companies which were only recently created, and by the same man: Drayton Dunwody.

Mr. Dunwody is a Colorado native whose mother runs the famous Lower Lake Ranch, one of the leading wedding ranch venues in Colorado.

Mr. Dunwody is not only the owner of Lakewood Taxi Services and Evergreen Taxi Services, he is also the dispatcher for both companies, and you can reach him by calling (720) 463-1606.

Both Lakewood Taxi Services and Evergreen Taxi Services provide you with very clean, well-maintained vehicles, and with friendly drivers who know the local territory like the back of their hands.




When you call them, you can be sure of a smooth ride, and a safe ride too.

Mr. Dunwody in the beginning created Lakewood Taxi Services, but in the course of pursuing his business (he was in the beginning the main driver for his taxi company) he met many people who wanted a ride from Lakewood to Evergreen.

They kept complaining to him about the fact that, with the closing of Mountain Taxi several years ago, Evergreen no longer had its own local taxi company.

So in the end, Mr. Dunwody decided to give them their own local taxi company, and he started Evergreen Taxi Services.

So if you’re ever in Lakewood or Evergreen, just call 720-463-1606. And you can be sure that you will have a very nice ride!